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Education on Parkinson's disease is essential for improving the overall quality of life for those diagnosed and their caregivers. It empowers individuals to take an active role in managing their condition, staying informed about the latest developments, and finding the support they need to navigate the challenges that Parkinson's disease presents.

Building your PD Care Team 

Living with Parkinson’s means your care and support needs can vary and change overtime, just as the disease does. Here are groups of people that can play an important role in your life and well-being.

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That's why a Parkinson's disease support group like PESGSC is so important.

Support groups create a compassionate and understanding community that fosters emotional well-being, knowledge sharing, and mutual encouragement. Joining our group can positively impact the journey of our members living with Parkinson's disease and their caregivers.

Our educational offerings

Educational sessions with guest speakers

We offer a diverse array of sessions throughout the year, blending both in-person and virtual formats, to spotlight the most current and valuable insights on treatments, research, and lifestyle adjustments. Previous topics have spanned medical procedures, medication considerations, physical therapy, the intersection of religion and health, Eastern medicine approaches, clinical trial prospects, and a wide range of other subjects. Please refer to the forthcoming speaker schedule below to explore what's on the horizon.

Feb 2024
Meagan Sekscinski

Estate Law Planning

Mar 2024
Michelle Poynton-Marsh

Speech Therapy for Parkinson's

June 2024
Acadia Drugs

Neuroscience based company will speak about their FDA-approved Parkinson's treatments

July 2024
Chrestie Shirey

Cheer Center Services & Memory Cafe exercise

Aug 2024
Melissa Miller

Assistive Living at the Lodge in Lewes

Sept 2024
Dr. Roxana Birciu

Research on Parkinson's Lower Limb Mobiity

Shared information sessions

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We maintain communication with our members through our monthly gatherings, a weekly email newsletter, as well as a series of ZOOM and in-person seminars conducted throughout the year, allowing us to exchange information and updates.

Facebook page


The PESGSC Facebook page serves as a readily accessible resource for our group's members. On this platform, we regularly disseminate updates about exercise classes, monthly meetings, and events. Additionally, we share valuable articles related to Parkinson's disease and provide links to events, podcasts, and webinars hosted by other organizations.

Education also encompasses the valuable exchange of experiences among peers. Our Facebook page provides an ideal space for members to connect, offering you the opportunity to share insights, tips, and strategies for effectively managing life with Parkinson's disease.

Member blog


The Member blog featured on this website offers a valuable resource for discovering practical everyday insights, tips, and strategies, all thoughtfully authored by fellow group members. We invite both caregivers and individuals living with Parkinson's disease to explore the blog, engage with its content, and contribute your own perspectives.



We also have PESGSC-specific resources for people living with PD and their caregivers. All can be downloaded or printed at no cost.

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