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Engaging with the community

Engaging with fellow community members is a fundamental pillar of our support group. With a widespread presence encompassing hundreds of members not only in Sussex County but also extending beyond, the Parkinson's Education and Support Group of Sussex County (PESGSC) stands as the largest nonprofit Parkinson's disease organization in Delaware. We take pride in providing our members with an extensive and robust support network to rely upon.

Monthly meetings

Our support group meetings are designed to bring people together in a mutually supportive and encouraging way. To find out when the next meetings are, please see our Calendar of Events page.


Monthly PESGSC Meeting

Members, caregivers, and PD experts join together in person at the Lewes Library (also broadcast over ZOOM) to discuss relevant topics, share news, and get updates.

Comforting Hands

PD and caregiver discussions and meetups

People with PD and their caregivers face unique challenges. The PD Discussion Group (people with PD only) and Caregivers' Discussion Group (caregivers only) give them a safe place to speak with others on the same journey.

Local support groups

Location-specific discussion groups in Ocean View, Seaford, and Milford allow members in farther-reaching areas of Sussex County to keep in touch and maintain a sense of community.

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Other ways to stay connected

Informal check-ins

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Social meet-ups

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Group speech therapy

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Members of our community frequently check-in with each other on an informal, as-needed basis. Keeping in touch helps us encourage each other during our down times, celebrate each other's wins, and make sure we have access to help if we need it.

One of the best things about being part of a community is having fun together! Our group sponsors and encourages social meet-ups, such as potluck lunches and group walks on the Rehoboth boardwalk.

PESGSC has partnered with Poynton-Marsh Speech Services, LLC, to offer free weekly group speech therapy classes called LOUD Crowd®.
Individual sessions are also available. 

Gallery: May 2024 Educational Expo

With over 40 vendors, 4 guest speakers, and 150+ attendees and volunteers, this year's Parkinson's Educational Expo was bigger and better than ever! Below is a glimpse into all the things that made the Expo so special. Click on any image to enlarge it.

Member Blog


Want to know what our members think? Caregivers and people with PD contribute blog posts with everyday information and tips about living with PD. See the latest posts and share your thoughts. 

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