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Keeping the mind and the muscles moving

Exercise plays a vital role in managing Parkinson's disease for several important reasons such as symptom management, slowing disease progression, improving quality of life, enhanced balance and fall prevention, non-motor symtom management and brain health. 

In the early stages of our support group's development, our founders made a deliberate choice to prioritize exercise as a central element of the support we provide to our community. As time has passed, we have worked diligently to introduce a variety of Parkinson's disease-specific exercise certifications to the Sussex County area, catering to both Physical Trainers and Personal Trainers. 

Our group fitness classes

Our group takes pride in its sponsorship of daily exercise classes via in person group fitness and ZOOM. These classes encompass a wide range of PD-specific exercises, which focus on the unique needs and challenges associated with Parkinson's. This approach ensures that our community benefits from one of the most comprehensive and varied exercise programs available today to address the unique motor and non-motor symptoms of Parkinson's.


PWR!Moves® + Weights

All levels

At the heart of our exercise programs, PWR!Moves, a Parkinson's-specific functional exercise program, plays a critical role in maintaining the skills acquired during LSVT BIG® therapy. Dedicated to improving balance, building strength, and supporting everyday maintenance.. Typically commencing with seated exercises, these classes guide members through a series of movements designed to counteract the decline in motor skills, mobility, and overall function that are vital for everyday life.

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All levels and Advanced

In our mobility classes, we adopt a mindful approach to Parkinson's exercise. Emphasizing the importance of deep, purposeful breathing in conjunction with movement, these classes often commence in a standing position, eventually transitioning to the floor mat. This transition is aimed at addressing the rigidity and discomfort that can accompany Parkinson's disease. Our mobility exercises are centered on the principles of elongating the body, alleviating tension, and promoting joint flexibility. By doing so, we strive to enhance overall movement and posture, increase flexibility, and, most importantly, help individuals rebuild their physical confidence. Yoga mats are provided at the gym but you are always welcome to bring your own.


TRX® Balance and Stability

All levels and Advanced

These low-impact bodyweight classes use resistance bands, suspended TRX straps, and low weights to build strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, core strength, and joint mobility. For people with movement disorders like Parkinson’s, TRX training helps develop a stronger posture and gait as you work to safely maintain stability using the assistance of the TRX straps. Our TRX-certified trainers emphasize a focus on form and balance to help our members with Parkinson’s improve their confidence and even reduce their fear of falling.



Temporarily unavailable

Pedaling for Parkinson's™ indoor seated cycling class is not part of our current programming. many of our members opt to attend senior cycling classes, even if they are not specifically tailored for Parkinson's. Cycling is an excellent cardiovascular exercise, however it can be quite demanding.


Circuit Training

Advanced only

Crafted by our (PD)-certified trainers, this class strength, cardiovascular fitness, and coordination. Within each class, our experienced trainers lead members through a sequence of "stations" that bear a striking resemblance to a playground or obstacle course, with each station offering a distinct exercise designed to address Parkinson's symptoms. This comprehensive approach may incorporate various equipment such as weights, resistance bands,, all geared towards preserving mobility and functionality in individuals with Parkinson's.


Rock Steady Boxing

Advanced only

Rock Steady Boxing is a much loved, lively, high-energy, non-contact exercise program celebrated for its ability to reduce muscle stiffness and bolster resistance to injury in people with Parkinson's disease. Often categorized as a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) class, and it's considered advanced due to the boxing movements and drills performed at high intensity, demanding significant physical effort and energy expenditure. Members would need to have wrist wraps and boxing gloves to particpate. Our trainers can help you with finding appropriate sizes.


Tai Chi

All levels, alternate location

These classes are based on an ancient Chinese meditation and gentle exercise philosophy. Using slow, purposeful movements, Tai chi has physical and mental health benefits. For people with Parkinson’s, a Tai chi practice is encouraged to help decrease falls, increase stride length, lean forwards and backwards with stability, increase gait speed, and increase leg strength. Some people also find that it can help create smoother movements overall. The PESGSC-sponsored Tai chi class is held at the Cape Henlopen Senior Center in Rehoboth Beach. For members who would prefer to take the class over Zoom, login information can be found on the members’ page using the button below.

What qualifies a class as Advanced?

Advanced classes are designed for members with Parkinson's who do not need walking assistance or mobility devices. For access to a suite of pre-recorded exercise classes and a link to our ZOOM for the Tai chi class, please visit our Member Resources page.

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Swipe through the images here for examples of our exercise classes.

We hope to see you at one soon!

RISE Fitness + Adventure

PESGSC has partnered with local, Rehoboth-based gym, Rise Fitness + Adventure, to host our PD fitness class offerings.

PESGSC members receive a 50% discount on RISE membership, which includes attendance to PD group classes at RISE. New member orientation for PESGSC happens every other Tuesday
at 11 am at RISE.

 Your PD-certified Trainers

PESGSC is fortunate to have incredibly dedicated itness instructors and advocates who go above and beyond to ensure for our members

Calendar of Events

See the calendar for exercise classes, monthly meetings, new member orientation times, and more.

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