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Products for getting dressed

These two little inventions have been used greatly at my house. The first is the trouser hook.

This 36-pack of trouser hooks can be found on Amazon:

Many times with tremors it is difficult to button pants after pulling up the zipper.

After I buy new jeans or slacks for my husband, I take them to a local cleaner who does alterations. They leave the button on for show but sew on these trouser hooks inside the waist band to make it easy to close. Most cleaners in the area or anyone who does alterations will do it. Not always particularly cheap, maybe $7-$8 a pair, but I think it is well worth it.

The second item is the button hook.

Button hooks like this one with a zipper pull can be found on Amazon, too:

Tremors make it hard to button things but even I felt it difficult at times. Therefore, this button hook makes it easy for everyone, especially dress shirts. The button hook goes with us whenever we travel as well.


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